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One of Jjongah’s sweet moments

Coming from a guy who doesn’t like to be touched unnecessarily, it’s just sweet how he just lets her play around with his hand, while he’s on the phone.

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OMG their English is soooooo good!! Especially Arisa’s! I can’t wait to hear them verbally communicate. 

when key lies about not being able to go to arisa’s shoot due to a sudden schedule change

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MC : Since you are virtually dating ( on “We Got Married), sometimes you must be confused whether you are single or not.

Kwon : ME? I am not single.

MC : No , in reality

Kwon : We are dating.

Changmin : They are in love.

Kwon to MC : Dont’ you read news articles?

hahaha~ We all know that kwon :DD


i love this (Y)

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